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This will keep you productive without compromising creativity

Creativity is a calculated act in the modern work landscape.

Copywriters are hired to deliver a certain number of words by a certain date. Designers work with a client on an incremented timeline. The performers have to master their choreography in front of the curtain.


The Complete Guide To Money: How To Create The Wealth You Have Been Looking For All Your Life

Now imagine going through life and learning that bathing is the root of all evil but desperately wanting to shower. No matter how badly you want to feel clean, you will never scrub because everything in your childhood programming tells you not to do it.


13 Ways You Can Use Your Everyday Influence Forever

Influence feels like such a convoluted word these days. Mainly because it has become elitist and is equated with a blue tick on social media. Which makes the world a big disadvantage. Because influence is really all about effect. (How can I help make change?) Nobody ever said what size.


The 10 laws of influence

Justin Timberlake seemed silly. In high school, my group wore wallet chains and listened to nirvana, so imagine our disdain for boy bands.

Then I saw JT's brilliance on The Social Network and was converted. In this film, he delivers an almost perfect performance as the founder of Napster and a textbook example of an influencer who pulls Mark Zuckerberg under his spell without violence.


11 Steps to Build an Evening Routine and Why You Should

From this harmless phrase, which he loosely based on observational studies of himself and his patients, arose what is now generally accepted as fact: It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. In reality, research has shown that there really isn't a magic number here, and that it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days for a habit to become automatic. If that sounds vague, it should. Habit building and routine building are extremely personal acts.